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What is Cabinet Refacing?

No Huge Mess or Budget Needed

What is Cabinet Refacing?  In a literal since it encompasses replacing your cabinet doors and "refacing" your cabinet sides and fronts with a matching veneer.  In a broader since, it is any process that updates your existing kitchen cabinets without the need to fully remove and replace them.  Many people lump terms like cabinet refinishing, cabinet painting, renewing, staining, toning etc. into the same category.  At Fresh Faced Cabinets we offer a broad range of services to update your cabinets, often times mixing and matching techniques based on your cabinets, your design choices and your budget.  We explore those options in the sections below.

Factors that can go into deciding on Cabinet Refacing options:

  • Age and Condition of your Cabinets
  • Your Kitchen Layout
  • Your Budget
  • Are Counter tops and/or Flooring Already Updated

Check this video out for Cabinet Refacing Before and After:

Cabinet Door Styles.

It's All About the Doors!

If you think about it, the biggest visible portion of any kitchen is the doors.  The majority of the design, style, quality and cost of any cabinet is in the doors.  The cabinets on the wall are just boxes that hold the doors and other decorative components of the kitchen.  Those components can be changed without taking out the cabinet boxes.  All of our doors are custom made to fit your new design and the size of your cabinets.  Our manufactures can make any style you like at a variety of price points.  In many cases, such as a white kitchen, you can get by with only changing out the doors.  As an added bonus, when we change out your doors you get new soft close hinges.

Decisions that go into choosing a new replacement door style:

  • Color and Style  (White Shaker for example)
  • Materials (Wood or Man made)
  • Finish - Paint vs. Stain vs. Vinyl
  • Specialty Doors:  Glass Panels, Pantry Doors,
Learn more about cost: See Pricing on Sample Layouts

Replace Cabinet Doors.

The Easy Kitchen Remodel

As mentioned in the previous section, sometimes all it takes is replacing the doors to make a dramatic affect in your kitchen.  We see this most often with white kitchens.  White kitchens were commonly installed in homes in the 80's and early 90's.  Many of these builder's grade, white, thermal foil doors are now failing and peeling, but the cabinets are fine.  Many of our customers are finding the savings of just replacing with new white doors allows them to afford other upgrades like crown molding to enhance there kitchen decor.  And while your at it, don't forget the inside with cabinet storage solutions, like pull-out trays and new drawers.


  • White Cabinets are a great fit for Re-dooring
  • This option is a great cost saver.
  • New Full Overlay doors make a dramatic change

A Full Cabinet Refacing.

You've Got Options

The bread and butter of "No Need to Replace" options is a full cabinet refacing.  A full refacing allows you to change your cabinets to any design style you want.  Change from Honey Oak to White;  White to Glazed Cherry;  Raised Panel to Contemporary; and anything in between.  There are many options to choose from when it comes to covering your cabinet faces and end panels.  Some companies stay with one method, but Fresh Faced Cabinets can use the best option that fits your needs and application.  Some applications work best with a thin, adhesive backed veneer and other are best with a solid wood material.  We'll work with you to choose the best solution.  Other selections will include either smooth end panels or adding decorative door panels.



  • Any style can be replicated with refacing
  • We Offer Free In-Home Design Consultations 
  • We aren't limited to one application method



Cabinet Painting Solutions.

When is Painting a Good Option?

Painting in our opinion is only a good option if your cabinet doors are in good condition.  We offer a full, in-home cabinet spray painting service, but we will require a cabinet inspection to make sure your cabinets are suited for painting.  Because we have affordable door replacement options, we find that we can often replace doors more easily than taking the time to repair and prep older doors for painting.  A great affordable option is for us to paint the cabinets a matching color to the new replacement doors.20170918_141325-1


  • Not all cabinets are worth painting
  • Cabinets in great shape are candidates for our painting services
  • New doors and painted cabinets is a great alternative

Kitchen Cabinet Trim Molding.

Turn Your Kitchen into a Showcase

When you see a kitchen display in photos or design showrooms they always have molding.  However, when most homes are built, the first thing builders and homeowners remove to keep costs down are the moldings.  Combined with refacing or painting, decorative Crown Molding and Under Cabinet Molding are the best options to take Builder Grade to Custom Showcase.  


  • Many Crown Options Available
  • Great for Refacing of Painting Services
  • Don't forget the Under Cabinet Molding

Kitchen Island Designs

A Great Way to Make a Statement

Islands and peninsulas are great places to add drama and style to your kitchen.  We offer a number of Island treatment solutions for both refacing and painting jobs.  We can build wainscoting and bead board treatments that are painted, or use door panels and base moldings to take that old plain paneled island to a built-in furniture look.  


  • Framed Wainscoting and/or Bead Board
  • Add Drama by making the Island a different color.
  • Affixed door panels match the island to your new doors

Add or Remove Cabinets

Minor Layout Changes, Major Results

Sometimes you have a great layout, but a couple of cabinets that don't work with modern appliances or work areas.  There's no need to replace everything when just a couple of cabinets need replaced or added.  We can order matching cabinets and make minor alterations to your layout.

Common cabinet changes:

  • Smaller Cabinets over Refrigerators or Microwaves
  • Desk Areas converted for Wine/Beverage Coolers
  • Replace all 30" wall cabinets with 42"
  • Stack cabinets on top for taller look
  • Add to blank unused wall space
  • Remove for open shelving

Cabinet Refacing Costs.

 Can you really save 50% Over New Cabinets

Over the years it has been common to suggest Cabinet Refacing could save you 50% over replacing new cabinets.   But in most cases that is an exaggeration.  Your savings all depends on your scenario and how you value time and convenience. 

For instance, if you have a very basic kitchen layout, and you're also replacing countertops and/or flooring, then you can often get new cabinets installed at a similar price as cabinet refacing.  However, in this scenario you will be without a kitchen for possibly weeks.

Get Pricing Examples

So, when do you see the biggest savings with Cabinet Refacing:

  • You have already spent $1,000's on counter tops!  Not having to spend again for new counters, or not paying extra to remove and replace, is a huge savings.  (Not to mention that most contractors won't re-install stone due to the risk of damage.)
  • Keeping White Cabinets and Replacing the Doors.  Simple and easy, add some molding and you'll be surprised at the change for the money.
  • Going from a wood finish to painted cabinets.  Our methods to replace doors and paint cabinet frames is great value.
  • Time and Convenience is valuable to you.  Most Refacing jobs are done in a week and the kitchen is functional during the whole process.
  • Cabinets are in style and good condition.  Then Cabinet Painting is a great savings when coupled with new trim.

For more info about Refacing costs check out these links:

Thank You for Considering Us for Your Project.

We are a true Mom and Pop operation.  We market, design, sell and install.  We began our marriage and our remodeling passion almost two decades ago when we bought our first home in South St. Louis.  Fresh Faced Cabinets and cabinet updating has allowed our joy for taking something old and making it new.

We look forward to working with you.

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