The Ultimate Guide to a Minor Kitchen Remodel

How to Update Your Kitchen without Tearing Everything Out

What's Inside?

Looking for ways to get a showcase kitchen, but don't want to endure weeks without a kitchen?

Already updated to expensive countertops, now you'd like an updated look for your cabinets?

Need ideas to save time and money, but not compromise quality in your Kitchen Remodel? 

This guide is full of information to help you with design ideas, planning considerations, and budgeting for a Minor Kitchen Remodel.

Table of Contents:
  • Introduction: What is a Minor Kitchen Remodel?
  • Who Benefits Most?
  • Elements of a Minor Kitchen Remodel
  • What’s the Best Order of Installation
  • Design Options: What to consider
  • Cabinet Painting and Refacing
  • Budgeting: An overview on Cost
  • Free Project Evaluation 

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