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An Easy Showcase Kitchen

No Huge Mess or Budget Needed

Thank You for choosing Fresh Faced Cabinets to help you make decisions about your kitchen upgrade.  The following sections, photos, videos, and links will go more in-depth to the options you have to creating a showcase kitchen without tearing the whole thing out!

Included you will find:

  • Door Selections:  Styles and Materials
  • Links to Brochures and Videos
  • How-To's for installations
  • Design Options:  Moldings and Storage Solutions
  • Pricing Examples for Budgeting

Cabinet Door Styles.

Choosing a Door Style

A great place to start is choosing your door style.  Most design elements will center around it.  For some people this decision is easy, while other's labor over it.  The great thing about just replacing doors, is that any door style under the sun is available to you.  Your not limited by the showplace selections.  But this can be a bit overwhelming too.

We suggest you start with internet searches, Pinterest, magazines, or other design media to get ideas.  Save photo's that you can share with us, and we can help navigate the choices available to us.

We do have resources from our manufactures to help as well.  The brochures (links below) can help you understand what's available, just don't get too bogged down in the volume of choices. 


20171031_120742-1Things to consider:

  • Color and Style  (White Shaker for example)
  • Material (Wood vs. Man Made)
  • Specialty Doors:  Glass Panels, Pantry Doors, etc.
  • Storage Options




Design Resources:  Brochures for Design and Material Selection.

Installation Options

There's More than One Way...

We have multiple installation options to update your kitchen.  We'll work with you to choose the best options based on your design and budget.  There are many design elements that can be used to give your builder's grade cabinets a custom look, like decorative end panels.  On the flip side, there are areas on your cabinets that aren't as visual and can be simply painted, like the face frames.  We'll advise you on the places you should focus and on the areas where we can help save time and money.20181013_160413

Here are some installation options that are available:

Decorative Islands and Peninsulas.

Simple but Dramatic Focal Points

 In the past 30 years, most kitchen designs have an open floor plan with an island or pass through peninsula.  When built, just having an island was a marvelous design feature itself, but not much attention was given to the decorative contribution to the kitchen. They were just made with plain sides and backs.  Today's showcase kitchens take full advantage of these surfaces with wainscoting, bead board, decorative corbels, and even using contrasting door styles and colors to make the island a focal point of the kitchen.

This is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to update your kitchen by applying decorative treatments and colors to make your design stand out.

Watch this video for examples:


Decorative Molding: Crown and Under Cabinet.

 Add Depth and Drama to Your Cabinets

20180625_160141 (1)Adding molding to your cabinets is another affordable way to take plain cabinets and make them look custom.  Again, when building new homes trim packages were add-ons often dropped to save money.  So many homes with high ceilings have cabinets that look inadequate for the space.  Molding can be easily added to your existing cabinets whether painting or refacing.




Kitchen Storage Solutions.

Update and Repair the Function

While updating the style of your cabinets, why not consider the function on the inside.  There are many ways to improve your cabinet organization with pull trays, or repair poorly performing drawers with new drawer boxes and slides.  


Budgeting Examples.

Pricing scenarios

To compare pricing you can get our Pricing Scenarios booklet, where we compare alternatives on a 10'x10' kitchen layout.

Design Plan Budget


Get Pricing Examples 




Thank You for Considering Us for Your Project.

We are a true Mom and Pop operation.  We market, design, sell and install.  We began our marriage and our remodeling passion almost two decades ago when we bought our first home in South St. Louis.  Fresh Faced Cabinets and cabinet updating has allowed our joy for taking something old and making it new.

We look forward to working with you.

David and Stephanie Short

David & Stephanie Short Fresh Faced Cabinets

We cannot rave enough about Fresh Faced Cabinets and their attention to detail! They were on time and consistently offered incredible design advice - little details that made all the difference! It was a joy working with them and I have highly recommended them to friends and neighbors.

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